Thursday, 28 July 2011

Jabatan Perikanan Malaysia

COBIA ( Aruan Tasik )
Other common names:
Black Kingfish.
Crab Eater.
Lemon Fish.

Common from 20 to 50 pounds, sometimes over 100. Maximum reported length is 78.7 inches (200.0 cm). Maximum weight is 149 pounds 14 oz. Maximum reported age is 15 years.

Preferred Environment:
Lemonfish may be found in a variety of habitats from shallow inshore flats to sea depths of more than 3900 ft. Most Gulf Cobia winter in southern FL or offshore, migrating northward in the spring to cover the entire Gulf Coast. Dramatic runs occur along northern beaches usually beginning in March and peaking in April or May. Cobia are often found around buoys, drifting and stationary objects offshore, navigation markers, wrecks and artificial reefs, where they swim both at the surface and down deep. Many are caught from Gulf fishing piers. Juveniles and an possibly even very large Ling are sometimes caught incidentally by trout fishermen over Gulf Coast grass flats. Feeds on crabs, fishes, shellfish and squids.

Belajar cara2 nak potong Cobia fish ni and cara2 filletkan daging dia..

Cobia Fish Breading Cage

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Ahlan Wa Sahlan Ya RAMADHAN

Semoga Ramadhan kali ini bukan yang terakhir buat kami ya Allah..
ampunilah dosa2 kami dan kau berikanlah kami petunjuk dan hidayah MU ya Allah..Aminn