Friday, 16 March 2012

Trip to New Zealand (Good news for a great day!)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...
waaa...did u guys heard the news?? yup...saya dapat this "important Announcement" that AirAsia X will be suspending their flights to or from Christchurch..a very good news for me (^___^) smile peeps~ hahaha tQ AA...but we dont take this to seriously sebab..we will change our route to Australia!!.. isn't that great!! (ayat ambik hati ok!!) hahaha 'again' now kami dalam perbincangan untuk terbang kemana nanti, Gold coast or Sydney ataupun melbourne? decide later.. kos dari Kuala lumpur ke salah satu destinasi di Australia ni dah settle, AA akan transfer duit..cuma tambahan kos pergi balik Australia - Nz, Nz - Australia je lagi..ape boleh buat..ade jgk plan nak stay kat Sydney or Gold coast untuk 2 hari, itupun InsyaAllah..mintak2 semuanya ok2 belaka..Aminn

Email from Air Asia x

Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 14:12:02 +0800 

Subject: Important Announcement! AirAsia X Christchurch, New Zealand Route Suspension. 

Dear Guest, 
Please be informed that effective from 1st June 2012, AirAsia X will be suspending our flights to/from Christchurch. 

We will be sending individual notifications to all guests affected by this suspension, in stages, based on your respective flight dates, via email and SMS

The email notices will also outline the various service recovery options offered which are: 

i. cancel your reservation and opt for Full Refund/Credit Shell; or 
ii. move to any of our other operating flights from/to Christchurch, before the 1st June 2012*; or 
iii. reroute your flights from/to Christchurch to/from an AirAsia X port in Australia (Sydney, Gold Coast or Melbourne) to Kuala Lumpur# or any other AirAsia X destinations. 

Please take note alternative arrangements has to be made on your own for the trans-Tasman travel. 

*at no cost, subject to availability 
# at no cost 

In order to avoid undue congestion and delays in replying to your queries, we request that you contact us in relation to any queries you may have, only after you have received your individual notice. 

For further explanation on the reasons for our flight suspensions, please refer to our Press Release on 12th March 2012. 
***Important Notice:*** 

For Option iii) 
Guest who choose to transfer their Christchurch-Kuala Lumpur flights to an AirAsia X service Australia-Kuala Lumpur (Sydney, Melbourne or Gold Coast)or vice versa will need to make their own arrangements and payments for trans-Tasman travel. 

For guests who have purchased domestic flights within New Zealand to connect with AirAsia X’s suspended Christchurch services, Air New Zealand and Jetstar will allow AirAsia X guests to transfer the payment made for the domestic flight to a trans-Tasman fare. There will be a call centre fee per person per segment for this service and fare difference if applicable.
(Example: A guest who paid for a return domestic flight from Auckland to Christchurch to fly with AirAsia X, who transfers their AirAsia X ticket to the Sydney-Kuala Lumpur service, can transfer the domestic payment towards a flight from Auckland to Sydney to connect to the AirAsia X service.)
To arrange this transfer, guest will need to contact the Air New Zealand or Jetstar call centre, verify connecting travel on AirAsia X, and arrange for their domestic flight to be transferred to a trans-Tasman flight (and pay any fare difference and the contact service fee). 
Guests opting for Jetstar will need to contact Jetstar before 26 March, 2012 with the above details. 

Call centre details:
- Air New Zealand: 0800 737 000
- Jetstar: 0800 800 995 

Before booking trans-Tasman travel please consult airline timetables to ensure your flight to Australia provides time to complete customs and immigration, pick up any bags and check-in at AirAsia X for your flight to Kuala Lumpur (and vice-versa for the return flight from Kuala Lumpur to Australia and returning to New Zealand). A transfer time of at least 4 hours is recommended but please note that neither AirAsia X nor the trans-Tasman carrier can be held accountable for any missed connections. 

AirAsia X Sdn Bhd


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