Wednesday, 11 July 2012

King Of Fruits

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...
siapa minat makan DURIAN angkat tangan!!! haha...
siape yang tak minat? memey hangpa alien...cakap je pasal durian semua orang suka, sebab tu orang puteh panggil stinky bin smelly fruits sebab!? Tuhan tu nok bagi kitey2 jey yang makan, so xdelah nak diimport sesangat ke negarey depey2 tuu~ :D hahahaa ok, to all visitors, i brought to you this all kind of durian in Malaysia, murah rezeki orang2 Malaysia sebab macam2 jenis buah-buahan yang Allah tumbuhkan dan hidupkan dibumi kita ni..Alhamdulillah so lets~





Jiu Ji

Raja Kunyit



Udang Merah

Mas Pahang

Musang King


Red Durian

Durian Nutrition

What’s stand out relating to this durian fruit? What causes it to be have this effective healing effect? Durian consists of a higher levevl of iron which will help the whitened bloodstream cells to battle off infection. Durian also consists of proteins(tryptophan). Tryptophan helps to create and keep serotonin, the feeling good hormone, so required for a feeling of calm and wellness.Durian also consists of such anti-oxidants as Sources Of Vitamin B, C and E that really help to irradicate toxins in your body.

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